About Me

My name (as you may already have guessed) is Ben Alman, but most people call me by my nickname, “Cowboy.” I’m a thirty-something web developer living and working in the Boston area. I’m happily married to a wonderful woman and we have two very crazy, but very awesome ragdoll cats.

I work at Bocoup, where I am responsible for the development of intermediate and advanced JavaScript and jQuery training curricula, as well as the creation and maintenance of JavaScript-based tools and utilities. In addition to my training and client work at Bocoup, I write articles and give presentations advocating JavaScript and jQuery best practices.

I also created and maintain Grunt, along with a number of other popular open source JavaScript projects and jQuery plugins and I’m a frequent contributor to the open source jQuery, jQuery Mobile and Modernizr projects. As an avid photographer and funk bass player, I love spending time taking photos and jamming in the greater Boston area.

About This Website

While benalman.com is built around the Movable Type blogging platform, I custom-coded much of the additional functionality myself, rewriting all the site templates from scratch. The portfolio page is dynamically driven by XSLT/XML, and all the content on the photo page is dynamically loaded from my Flickr account using the Flickr Services API.

Eventually, benalman.com will be expanded to include the music I have written and recorded, but this site is very much a work in progress.. so please be patient. If you’d like to check out some of my music in the meantime, please visit my previous (flash) website, Cowboy 4.0 and go to the music page.

(I guess that makes this website “Cowboy 5.0”)